Rested and Digested

Woof.  It's been a hot minute since I wrote a blog! I had so many intentions to do so this winter, and just couldn’t find the creative spark to make it happen. Now that spring is impending, I can feel shifting energy and movement in my body and brain (thankfully!).  So, it is time.

This winter had ups and downs--similar to what most people experience.  I had the opportunity to gestate a whole slew of amazing workshops that are running right into spring and early summer.  Rock and roll yoga classes at Notch and Deacon Giles, seasonal vibration classes including Vernal Equinox, Beltane and Summer Solstice, the incorporation of tarot and intuitive thought, as well as the requisite moon circles.   I’m pretty lucky to get to collaborate and create in this way.

Also feeling pretty grateful I completed my Thai Yoga Massage I training with Jennifer Yarro in early February.  It was an amazing weekend with an amazing and inspiring teacher and master of the art. Holy shit, mind blowing and just what I needed as far as advancing my teaching and tapping into my perpetual student brain.  I am beyond happy I did the training with such a fabulous group of people.

I ran away to Puerto Rico for a week in late February to defrost, reconnect with mother ocean, and meditate on a whole bunch of things, including ideas surrounding upcoming international retreats (yes, they are forthcoming!). That was good.  Now, as we sit in Mercury Retrograde and await the Vernal Equinox/Full Moon in Libra, I can feel the extent of winter’s stagnant build-up and I am READY to cleanse and step into the new beginning of springtime.

I’m definitely the crazy plant lady who has buying all the seeds and supplies to start my garden.  The light feels different right now, as we move into the light half of the year (THANK THE GODS!). I am ready.  Winter’s rest served its purpose and now it’s time to expand the tendrils and connect to the vast universe once again.