Harvest, Craft, and Shift

As the golden light of late summer shifts into the crisp hues of autumn, the air begins to cool, and our natural focus begins to turn inward to hearth and home.  I find that its a pretty quick transition once we move from Leo to Virgo season. As the light begins to wane to equinox, I find myself NEEDING to organize and clean my space.  Virgo energy, baby. She shows us healing through order, cleanliness, and mindfulness. The hot and frenetic Leo season leaves us tired-the heat, humidity, and constant motion of particles (of all sorts) lowers our energy even though we are “supposed” to be at the height of activity.  It's almost a welcome relief when the light softens, a cool breeze blows, and you tell yourself, “it's ok to stay in and get some shit done.” The options of beach, hiking, motorcycle riding, boating, etc. suddenly aren’t options anymore. Its both sad, since summer is so fleeting in New England, but also a relief.  Now I can do ALL that things I thought of doing all summer long and DIDN’T DO ANY OF!

I certainly DO let a lot of details fall away during the summer. And that’s ok.  It’s how the cycle works. Certain activities that can only be done during summer (i.e., gardening, herb collection, ocean swimming after work) take precedence. Carpe Diem!  When the autumn approaches, the wayward indoor tasks eventually get done.

But honestly, I notice that everything gets a little more relaxed, which is nice.  It’s time to reap the benefits of the harvest! Here in New England, the best surfing usually occurs during September.  We get some tropical swell (FINALLY), the light is still holding on (enough), the lifeguards and beach rules go away (YES!), and the water is warm…  This time is much needed; quiet, restorative, peaceful. A true harvest. Less people on the beaches, less traffic and trash, just us lonely surfers and dog walkers appreciating nature without all the buzz and noise.  The opposite holds true for the rush of tourists that come to the north shore for Halloween season, but we survive.

During this transitional zone between the element of fire and water (summer to fall/south to west/sun at its zenith to setting sun) I feel the unavoidable desire to craft.  To craft in all senses of the word: art, yoga, workshops, food, music. All the projects I left off in the cold months of spring (with new inspiration and materials from summer’s bounty) are waiting for me to return to them. To take them on an inward journey of creativity and inspiration driven by the yin energy of the autumn season.

And that shift is rather magickal.  For new beginnings, fresh energy, and productivity is everywhere and is even born from the darkness.  Our intuition takes us deep into the shift as we move into the shadow side of the wheel of the year. Out of our sojourn back inward, toward the proverbial hearth and home, can come greatness.  So do not mourn the passing of summer, but rather use the new season to your advantage: to do the important internal work that you have left fallow for many months. Harvest the fruits of your labor. Now is the time.

Namaste and Blessed Be. <3

halloween moon.jpg