Weekly Classes in Salem MA

Tuesdays 8-9PM at The Salty Buddha:
Luna Buddha: 

Spiritually sound and soulfully sequenced. This vinyasa class builds off moon salutations, chakra balancing and breath all in context with the phases of the moon. 

Stay Wild Moon Child...

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Thursdays 7:30-8:45PM at Green Tea Yoga
Elemental Flow and Restore: 

Cultivate expansion and nourishment in your yoga practice through connection to the elements, seasons, phases of the moon, and rhythms of the universe. One part creative flow linking movement and stillness with breath (pranyama), and one part juicy restorative sequencing to settle, rest, and heal the mind, body, and spirit.

All levels welcome. No judgement. Just connection to yourself and the universe that holds space for you.

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